How to convert PDF to TIFF in Linux

I have a pdf file, which is a paper form, to fill it with personal data and I want to avoid to do it by handwriting.

One way to solve it is to set the pdf file as a page background in my text editor, in my situation OpenOffice’s Word processor (Writer). This is fine, but Openoffice want my pdf to be converted into tiff in order to load it as background image.

My favourite way to convert a pdf to tiff and to have a good quality (for monochrome pdf) is to use Ghostscript in terminal (command line). Fire a treminal and type:

gs -SDEVICE=tiffg3 -r600x600 -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -sOutputFile="tiff file name"
 -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -- "pdf file name"

Replace “tif file name” and “pdf file name” with your actual name of the files.

This way the tiff obtained it is in FAX G3 format, you can directly fax it through Asterix, efax or other faxing software.

Other ways, which deliver lesser quality, are to use GIMP to import the PDF and then save it as TIFF, use pdf2ps to convert the pdf to ps file and then use ps2eps to finally convert it to eps file (which can be used as a background image by OpenOffice), pdf2svg, ImageMagik’s convert, etc. I’ve tried all but the best result was from Ghostscript.

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